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    "Yes," Christoph said in a hiss, "Now stop talking about it; you'll make this awkward." this is so perfectly schneider i just JSFGHSKGFJHFD and this line is so so sweet: "Christoph continued to sleep, and Paul looked over at him, affectionately watching the rise and fall of the man's chest." this is such a lovely mental image, you can picture it easily, Paul watching him sleep like that, especially enjoying witnessing the life flowing in and out of him through the inflation and deflation of his chest; just a warm fondness in such a little line

    THIS PART MADE ME SCREAM LAUGH IT WAS SO DJFDGKLJHFGJKFG I LOVE THIS INTERACTION SO MUCH because it's so in character and so true because schneider is indeed very cute

    "You're so cute," Paul interrupted, and Christoph blanched.
    "What?" Schneider nearly spat.
    "You're cute; ridiculously cute," Paul said, and Christoph raised an eyebrow.
    "I'm 6' 3'," Christoph pointed out, "And you're... not."
    "Hey, no need to get personal," Paul said, raising his hands up in mock defense, "You're still cute."

    AND I GREATLY APPRECIATED THE NOSE BOOP IT WAS SO PURE AND CUTE ToT aND THIS FUC KIGN LINE KDJFHGKJDFG ""Oh, yeah, it's a lot to look at," Paul said, a teasing grin curling up he mouth as he cupped Christoph's cock through his underwear, stroking it through the hot, taut fabric, "If you know what I mean."" its so paul and im SCREAMING
    god and the whole blowjob was written so well and it was SO HOT and just the whole smut in itself was so good djfhgkljdfhgskdfg it was almost exactly what i had in mind honestly, which is amazing like you know just how to play with these two, how to make them work together perfectly, and all true to character too! hhhhh the prostate stim part was so fuckin hot as well;; OH YEAH AND SCHNEIDER JUST NATURALLY ASKING TO COME WAS REALLY SPICY TOO JDKFHGJKD and this is very simple but I really like this line because HOOOOO that mental image of baby blonde Paul grabbing someone and pulling them closer: ""I'll be gentle," Paul pledged, grasping Christoph's hips in his hands tightly, pulling Christoph closer to him"

    THIS JUST WAS OVERALL SO GOOD and very hot ?? I'm truly not an easy person to impress but you succeeded in doing so. Thank you for fulfilling my wishes for Chrispaul with bottom Schneider ;o; I'm so grateful tysm♡♡♡

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    1. I’ve read ur whole comment a few times since this morning and I’ve been working on shit all day so I haven’t gotten a chance to respond but I honestly gotta tell you you made my stupid stoic ass cry. I literally teared up, this is the best comment I have ever gotten on anything that I’ve written thank u so much
      I’m so glad you liked t and that you thought my bottom Schneider was good and in character bc ngl I don’t hc schnoot as bottoming Paul but I wanted to deliver it in an in character and still hot way lmao!!!!!/$:$:&/&/@‘a so I’m jut really glad you likednit and now I’m going to go scream because this comment was so detailed and sweet <33 I’m glad u were genuinely impressed I’m not sure how I accomplished that but THANk u

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