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  1. Steve wants to and fully plans to at the begin but things happen to get in the way that he can't ignore. The dart did not harm the pup in any way. Steve healing abilities and durability go a long way in protecting his pup.

    I do have plans to introduce Bucky. I'm not sure how soon they will come into play just yet but I do have them. He will be alpha, but with the route, I'm going he won't be Natasha. Hopefully, that doesn't take away from you enjoying the story. But he will play a key part in the series.

    I'm so glad my spelling and grammar don't take away from you enjoying the story. I try hard to do my best with it but there are still some mistakes. I put a lot of effort into keeping with the personalities of the characters. I love omegaverse, but just because a character is an omega or an alpha doesn't mean their whole personality structure needs to be changed. Thanks for noticing and thanks for the comment.

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