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    you've made me so happy you have no idea ;//v//; This was so sweet and felt honest, especially that last line at the end. ALSO a small thing but I'm glad you didn't just bash on the fangirls? Its a small thing but I think it goes a long way with showing Ryou's apathetic side without hostility.
    SHUCKS AND THE OCCULT SHOP ANGLE - Nice touch! I always wished we would have gotten to see more of Ryou's interest in occult stuff.
    GOOD GOLLY IM JUST SO HAPPY?? Sorry for all my rambling xD you did a fantastic job on this though. Do you have a kofi or anything so I can legit give you a tip at the very least?

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    1. You are very welcome, I'm glad you liked it! Sorry it took so long, I wanted to do the boy justice, since he rarely has any fics that centers around him. I'm also glad I wasn't too far off with his character. There's so little of him, that it hurts, really.

      Yeah, I had to stay truthful to how he felt about his girl posse, like he get's annoyed a little, but not mean enough to tell them to get lost, and really, I think enough hate on them.

      Of course, I had to show some love to the occult, since it's not Ryou without it! I would really love to see more about Ryou's occult interest. Like I headcanon that he owns a tarot deck, at least (maybe not so gung ho as he would like, since his guardian would most likely be freaked out).

      You are very welcome! It warms my heart that you loved it. I do have a kofi, and honestly, it just makes me happy that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you for the support, and don't worry about rambling, I love speaking with my readers. <3

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