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  1. How about Jeyne Westerling? :p I'd like to see Ashara's reaction to his love for Jeyne. After that, maybe she'll think that Sansa was not such a bad idea...

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    1. Thanks for commenting! Haha! you're right, Ashara would think Sansa a better option of the two! But not in this verse. I think Robb fell for Jeyne because he was lonely and desperate and since he'd sullied her honour, he had to marry her, so he was determined to love her afterward, in order to make breaking his vow worth it... those circumstances aren't present here.

      I'm a firm believer in moving the characters for plot, not canon relationships XD I've got a long-ass verse where Theon/Sansa, Robb/Meera, Ramsay/Podrick are the main pairings. And it's cute/disturbing as heck, for real. (That pairing is 100% not going to show up in this fic, don't worry.) I am a rarepair fan!

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