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  1. OH MY GOSH where do I start with this chapter!

    I loved the moment they met! It was so cute and funny :) In fact, your humour throughout the story is just so ace. Their little quirks are beyond adorable!

    Grumpy ole puss being worn down by Louis' charms - isn't that JUST like a cat? Treat you with total ignore and then they're all over you! I love Oldie :D

    Harry's fears and weirdnesses just make him more precious, special and ideal in my opinion. If I could EVER find a boy that sweet I would die of shock for sure. He is a delight in every way.

    Louis just needed to find his anchor, right? Something to hang onto when things got too scary.

    Love this story! I hope you have more :P

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    1. Thank you for again leaving such a lovely comment!

      I was SO nervous and giggly writing their first meeting - I remember being like, nervous of writing it, giggling and taking breaks because I knew it'd be awkward and it sort of made me feel that on their behalf. It was so funny and I felt super silly :D

      Louis finding his anchor, how beautifully put. I hope you find your perfect anchor to rely onto as well <3

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