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  1. No, I'm with you on the Geronimo bit in "Storm Warning." I had no recollection of it being there so it took me by unpleasant surprise when I listened this time around. I really should have warned you about it - I'm sorry about that.

    As far Charley or Lucie, they both have good episodes and they both have some clunkers. I don't know if you can really go wrong either way. Although if you decide to continue with Charley, unless you're someone who has to watch/listen to every episode, I'd advise skipping some altogether. It is not worth it to suffer through "Minuet in Hell" just for the 2 minutes of Ramsey leaving the TARDIS in the beginning of the audio and the story doesn't add to the arc enough for you to miss much by skipping it. "The Stones of Venice" is bad but, if I remember correctly, at least somewhat less painful; I don't think it adds to the arc at all. I haven't relistened to "Invaders from Mars" yet but I remember detesting it just as much as "Minuet" the first time around so that's not promising. And I remember absolutely nothing about "The Time of the Daleks" other than "Foreshadowing" takes place right after it.

    I can't give you much advice on Lucie's second season since all I remember is a vague sense of being impatient and unhappy with it, but that could have been me just being grumpy for reasons we've already discussed.

    And I'm not surprised - Vortisaurs are cool!

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    1. Escher Snakes

      Thanks for the info! I'll keep those recs (and anti-recs!) in mind as I go!

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    2. Escher Snakes

      And I have survived "Minuet in Hell." Good god, but that took an age to get through.

      Let's hope that "Invaders" is somewhat more tolerable...

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      1. Yay you're through the worst! Congratulations!

        Having just listened to "The Time of the Daleks" it's...not good, but more on the boring and tedious side than actually painful like "Minuet in Hell." And, unlike "MIH," it's actually important to the overarching plot.

        The good news is that after "Invaders" you get two of the best episodes back to back. I hope you like them.

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