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  1. Hmmm.... I'm wondering if someone will mention Dr. Waqud to him at some point or if he'll end up talking to Dinah..

    ^_^" Aaw! Poor Barry and Iris... <3

    ;) Bats can be sweet sometimes. (if only he would do stuff like that w/o it being some form of repayment...)

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    1. Well...I guess that will depend if Bruce wants to

      Bruce is secretly a closet softie. It's just he buried his feet like 3000 ft deep.

      Thanks for taking the time to review!

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      1. ;) Of course!
        I'll admit, sometimes I come to a story (or take a while then come back) a bit late, then zoom through it because it's so good I want to know what happens next..! So forget to comment.. But I do try sometimes to leave my impression of the story.

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