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  1. Ok so first of all I just want to say I LOVE your socius series. I literally read the whole thing in one go in one day. And I'm so happy that you're writing a sequel!!!

    I just love how this story doesn't shy away from how horrible and unreasonable depression is. And I'm really glad you've made it through with your own. Though I know that it's not really something that goes away completely. There are good days and there bad days and you just learn to be better at dealing with them.

    Also, I'm a Muslim and I was ecstatic when I saw the therapist was too! Like I legit reread it multiple times to make sure! You have no idea how awesome it feels to have a Muslim character in a fanfiction. And also a Muslim character that's written well! I really appreciate your effort to be more inclusive!

    Ok but with that said, here's some thins I would change

    I love the fact that she says things like Allah forbid cause that tells me she has a strong connection with both her religion and or her culture. And I love that! But

    1. I know you probably wrote it in English for the sake of it being understandable to your readers or you're afraid of writing it wrong , but if you're aiming for authenticity, most Muslims prefer saying the words in Arabic. Because English tends to make it clunky. Here are some options.

    Na'udzubillah = Allah protect me(typically used when we hear about something frightening. Can also be used as an equivalent to 'god forbid' but they don't mean the same thing)

    Astaghfirullah= Allah forgive me (typically used when we hear about something shocking. But it's also our equivalent of 'oh my god' so we use it more often than others)

    Insyallah= God willing (this is probably the most commonly used word we have. As you can guess, we use it to substitute for things like 'sure', 'probably', 'hopefully'.

    For example. "Are you coming to class tomorrow?" "Insyallah"


    "Can you have the cake ready by tomorrow?" "Insyallah"

    Innalillah= To Allah we return (most typically used when death occurs. It usually goes "innalillah. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss"

    But it can also be used for other tragedies like hearing about someone having cancer.

    Alhamdulillah= praise to Allah (this is when we hear something pleasing)

    Most of these words are things that we say to ourselves so we usually say them under our breath or in a whisper because people around us wouldn't understand them. But that's up to you. Feel free to play around with that.

    I think that's it for now. Please don't be afraid to ask me anything. I would be happy to help. You can contact me on tumblr . The link is in my profile

    Ok last but not least, I genuinely think what you're doing is GREAT. But as always there will be haters even from among Muslims who will give you hell for the tiniest thing so if they give you trouble just lead them my way and I'll set them straight.

    Thanks again for writing this!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your detailed review! I'm so glad that you have enjoyed the socius serious! And I'm thrilled that you are enjoying Dr. Waqud and think that she is a well-rounded character. I do want to make this story more inclusive, and I think it's silly that when we think of diversity we leave off religion. I've tried hard to make this story to have a wide variety of ethnicities in my original characters AND religious and spiritual views in the various characters everything from who cares to atheist to followers of organized religion. As a person of faith myself, it annoys me that people so often forget that spirituality and faith shape us so much, and I want to write the different views well.

      Thank you so much for your help so far! I don't have a tumblr yet, but I'm sure I'll get one. I will change Dr. Waqud's phrases moving forward. I will probably hit you up with questions. Much later on, I plan to have Alfred and Dr. Waqud have a conversation about faith. I'm not sure how long it will be, but the point of it will be that you can disagree on things like faith and still treat each other with respect and kindness. You'll save me tons of research time.

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      1. I actually noticed that you had an asian side character in your previous fic and i thought that was super cool. its nice to be able to see the diversity as opposed to having to simply put in your own headcanons cause its like an automatic relatable character! I also love the idea of Alfred and the doctor having a talk.

        Hit me up with questions anytime! I'd be happy to help!

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        1. I'm so glad you noticed that! Yes, the diversity in all of my side and minor characters is very intentional! Diversity matters. Representation matters. And it frankly, makes for better storytelling.

          I will definitely be hitting you up soon! Thanks again!

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