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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I wrote this story because I was always searching for stories that dealt with my favorite characters and mental illness. While there are some good ones, there are not enough. Plus, most fics have the unfortunate habit of being all angst without any hope or description of healing. I loved the angst, but I also wanted to show there was hope! (Even if it doesn't always feel that way.) I'll admit much of the story is autobiographical in feel if not in events. My goal is to help people to realize they are not alone and also to provide hope for healing. (Not to say mental illness just disappears, but there is a difference in severe depression and manageable depression.)

    I'm glad you enjoy the spirituality aspect of the fic as well. I'm quite a spiritual/religious person myself as well as many of my friends and people I interact with. I believe that we are spiritual beings. It felt wrong to completely ignore that side of life when thinking about character development. However, as you mentioned this isn't about my own personal beliefs. I do share some beliefs with some of the characters, but I've made sure that no character 100% shares my beliefs. These are not my characters, nor are they me. I wanted to depict different spiritualities from atheist to questioning to 'spiritual' to organized religion to indifferent because that feels real to me. Anyway, I probably wrote too long, but I'm grateful for your review!

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