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  1. Artist is Flatbear on tumblr

    Oh my god I love this so much!!!!!!! I especially love the doctor's reaction. But Bruce saying he should have taken in more teenage girls is the funniest thing I've ever read. I know Stephanie Brown probably won't be showing up in this story since she's not in the character list, but when/if she shows up, that'll show Bruce that teenage girls can be just as bad as boys. (I love Steph. She's honestly tied with Jason for my favorite Bat, and I call them the disaster Bats. They would get along so well if they ever hung out in canon.)

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    1. Hahhaha yesss!!! The comment was inspired because the Bat Boys have so much drama and yet teenage girls have the stereotype of being dramatic!! I couldn't resist it, even if it's not completely accurate lol.

      Stephanie probably will not show up in this fic. I say probably because characters are always doing things I don't expect. I adore Steph and Cass's friendship though, and I wish we saw more of it because there are not enough female friendships in comic books/sci-fi, etc.

      Thank you for taking the time to review!

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