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  1. Okey, my original language is spanish, so if this doesn't have sense, sorry for that, but I need to write you something:
    This is one of my favorite fics of Batfamily EVER. I love how you write about depression, and other pshicologal issues. Your interpretance of the relationship Bruce-Robins is fantastics. And the relationships in Young Justice and Justice League is unique, i love it.
    In this episode I was laughting REALLY hard, it is really funny how Dr. Waqud react to "I will show you" XD. And how Dick doesn't care about what his brothers want, but what they NEED.
    Don't worry about the updates, take your time. Read you later!!

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    1. Muchas gracias! Tu inglés es mejor que mi español. Yo no hablo espanol bien, pero gracias por tu palabras buenas. Yo allegro que estas disfrutar mi cuenta.


      Hopefully, I did okay on the Spanish. But thank you! I really appreciate your review! I always love hearing people respond to what I write, and I'm glad you're enjoying this fic!

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