Comment on All That He Wants

  1. psychotic rainbow

    Ah, the concept of "Royal Loki" comes from one of the 6L1T posts over on my Tumblr. Basically, he's this:

    [T]he leader of the Lokis, the Resurrected Prince, the King of J├Âtunheim, is the combined culmination of all his past selves with a little extra wisdom and experience thrown in. He is still mischievous and cunning, ambitious and industrious, and unwavering in his devotion and loyalty to Thor. He is wholly ready to start building a new life and kingdom, and with Thor at his side as his equal, they will surely succeed.

    Hope that fills in some of the blanks. :) Thanks so much for reading, I'm very happy you enjoyed this, as melancholy as it is for poor Avenger Loki. But it will get better for him (as you have already seen and to which I am about to reply). ;)

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