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  1. I may have forgotten to mention it but her teeth include some fangs in this. Also this one should finish! (Unlike all my other ongoing RWBY works...) It will be, at most, probably ten-ish chapters?

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    1. So, is that a bad sign for 'An Alternative Change in Lifestyle' and 'Traitor is a Strong Word'? Because I'm kinda following them and I kinda LOVE the first one xD
      (Honestly didn't even know you were the same author for all 3 of these until I checked just now.)

      To add a bit to my previous review, I really like how you handled the first meeting between the STRQ group and Scarlet. STRQ is cautious but not downright paranoid because of a lone figure walking to their house. Meanwhile Scarlet is her usual (old) awkward self when meeting people.
      Though perhaps I wish you'd have gone a bit deeper into the thoughts of both Scarlet, because she's really meeting Summer for the first time as well as (perhaps) not-yet-alcoholic Qrow, and of Team STRQ because a random stranger (who's riddled with scars) just showed up out of nowhere and claims to be a relative of Summer.
      Granted, they look virtually the same but I guess, above all, some healthy suspicion from them would be warranted. Especially given their early caution to a stranger walking to their house.

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      1. Its more "Alternative was supposed to end at chapter Ten", Haha. Its good that it didn't because... Well, the original ending was bad and pointless! And poor Weisstlander is probably dead forever. Traitor is going to probably continue its... slow update schedule, but maybe get some longer chapters in the future.

        You might just get your wish for some more Scarlet thoughts on that whole encounter though!

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        1. Dude... I know real life is a thing and as much as I appreciate regular update schedules, I know like... 2 stories that actually manage to keep up schedule that aren't prewritten.
          Point being, I'm sorta happy so long as I *know* that the stories aren't abandoned.
          And not in the sense of that one chapter 1 year after the last update that only says "update soon" kinda sense. If you know what I mean xD

          Lifestyle and Traitor have both been last updated ~1 month ago. Which is not yet the point were I start to worry :P Especially since you seem to write and alternate between a great many stories.

          tl;dr; you do a good job and I hope you keep it up xD

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