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  1. ok so, alluka will , usually randomly, fixate on a person and start requesting things from only that person specifically ( though never the same person twice in a row except or her favorite brother who in general gets extra rules ) . if 3 of her requests are fulfilled her eyes and mouth turn black and she will fulfill a wish ( anyone can give tell her the wish, not just the person that fulfilled the requests) . after that she goes back to normal until she once again starts asking some person for requests.
    so far so ok.
    no the issue : how hard to fulfill the requests are depends on the last wish fulfilled. so the next person she fixated on has to deal with whatever the last person wishing wished for. want to be lifted up ? the next request should be along the lines of " give me a hug" . you want to be a millionaire ? the next requests should go along the line of " give me your spine " .
    deny her 4 times and alternative payment kicks in.
    the severity of it also depend on the how big the last wish she is getting payment for was. no matter what , the person denying dies. if it goes farther the person denying her and that person's most loved one die. after any other additional person is decided by how much time they spent with the one refusing. the millionaire wish killed 60 something people while the requests were consistently single organs so we can see that alternative payment also takes more in general.
    after alternative payment she goes back to the smallest of requests, like hugs.
    there are exceptions to the rules and loopholes of course :
    1) the black eyes and mouth thing has a personality and can also be brought out without fulfilling wishes . it's /her name is " nanika" which roughly translates to "something"
    2) nanika and alluka love her favorite big brother a lot so he can wish stuff from her and be the target of her requests various times in a row, though that doesn't stop her from just randomly electing someone else either and he can do nothing about that . his kisses and hugs are also worth more.
    3) if-wishes . example in the show is the brother wishing that if they are not able to leave the mountain together within 30 minutes, their mother will be killed. If they are, then she will give him a kiss on the cheek. their parents are shit and keep her locked in a basement room and refer to her as "it" so he is trying to break her out and uses that wish to threaten the family to let him go . in the end since he makes it out in 30 min all she has to do is give him a kiss so the next requests are harmless
    4) any healing wishes cost about as much as wishing for a hug.

    fo examples watch this till 1:10
    and then continue by watching this ( turn on eng subs) :

    I mentioned it because it's a wish fulfilling ability wish major drawbacks but not for the one making the wish.
    + different looks.

    I didn't mean to say that this exactly will be izuku's quirk but more that "let's hope this wish fulfilling doesn't do horrible damage and isolate izuku"

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    1. Um, it is very different. I am calling his quirk genie in a bottle. I have rules for it, what he can and can't do. and the level of the wish effects how hungry Izuku gets after granting it. Simple, but powerful.

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