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  1. Oooo glowing and gold eyes and white hair... interesting! I wonder what all that means? Hmm... XD And what the whole "white quirk aura" is about? If his parents are still Inko and Hisashi with their canon quirks, just what kind of blending/mutation occurred there? And why did Izuku glow when he looked over at Dabi who was mourning not being able to see his little brother again and hoping he wasn't forgotten?

    But woo for Izuku starting to speak... and calling AFO "Papa" as well! Even though he's probably not seen the man as much as he obviously sees Tomura and the others.

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    1. Izuku is a special baby, that is all anyone needs to know. And there was a reason for Izuku looking over at Dabi, all shall be revealed, eventually.

      AFo is papa
      Tomura is Mau
      Kurogiri is... you will find out soon XD

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      1. Woo special baby! And ooo mysteries! Lol

        As for Kurogiri's name... If Izu says "mama" to him, he's soooo gonna get teased... Lol

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        1. He would....

          Kurogiri is totally the villain mom

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          1. Hehe :)

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