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  1. My poor heart I completely forgot about francis leaving, but Francis realize that he loves America so how is that going to work?

    And I honestly can relate to Francis when he was confronted with how to handle a kinda one night stand of kisses. Bc I had a friend and we were role-playing a fantasy story and it ended up smutty. So it was so weird for both of us I didn't know what to do I cared more about her feelings than my own,until we got so nerverous we busted out with laughter. So France is relatable to me. American give me the same vibes as well I find my self protecting others than myself and making rash choices for my emotions and morals.

    I personally really like how the story makes both charaters relatable. I feel something or remember a memory from your story it honestly sets the sentimental value to me.
    Although there are misspelled words or confusing sentences were the transition had me like "Oof" sometimes I throughly enjoy this.
    I literally couldn't forget this story I had used what I Kno about this story and searched the tags of the hetalia fandom to find this again. Now that I have an account (which I'mma log on to in a min) I'mma sub to this series!

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    1. I'm glad to hear that you're able to relate to the characters! We're doing our best to really bring them to life, so thank you for appreciating that.

      As for the grammatical errors, I plan to go back and re-edit a lot of the old chapters. When the fix was first posted, I was very inexperienced with AO3 as a website and didn't really understand the importance of spell-checking nor correct formatting. For this reason, I think it'd be best for me to go back and edit out any errors! Thank you for that.

      It's fantastic that you were to find the work again! I can't tell you how useful that tag system is-- I'm forever losing fantastic pieces of work simply because I can never recall the title. I really ought to bookmark things more often! Anyway, I'm glad to hear that it worked for you, as well.

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