Comment on Comparing and Contrasting the Worlds of Thedas and 21st Century Earth

  1. Better food and such would definitely help them be less brittle but the gravity itself would still have an effect. Itd definitely be weird from any perspective though. Especially since wed be really strong but would have the weight of like, a toothpick. Im exaggerating obviously but itd look cool.
    And the neurological stuff brings up another question. One of the things i think Carl Sagan pointed out was that more advanced aliens would be able to do more advanced things at younger ages. Like and advanced alien compared to us being able to do complicated physics at a young age was the example he used i think. Would the same apply here?
    In a story i cant remember the name of the main character who was a military mgit pointed out that trebuchets, which they have a whole career around, are kids toys here. Its math our kids can do if they cant just eyeball it.
    And what about different evolutionary paths? We dont know where the humans on thedas came from but its likely they didnt come from another planet. Were descended from an ape like hominid. Are they? Or are they something else completely?

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