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  1. I'm very glad for this. I'm sure I'm repeating myself by now, but I absolutely adore how inevitable this foursome has felt. There's chemistry and buckets of adoration between them all and it's definitely not lacking here. I don't have much else constructive to say. Just, I love this series. And my favourite part of this installment is definitely this following bit:

    She's seen Jethro aim this expression at Kate sometimes, this intense warmth, like he's looking at his whole world in one person; she just never imagined she'd get any fraction of it directed at her.

    Seamless, beautiful love. I can't get enough. Thank you for your dedication to this monster of a work.

    Last Edited Sat 14 Jul 2018 07:40AM EDT

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    1. I wish you could see my reaction to this review, but it's basically :D

      All I can really say is: Thank you ♥️

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