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  1. First off, you did me a huge favor because you inspired me to go back to listening to OMWF and kicking the song I had in my head for weeks out of my head. So thank you for that!

    This is such a lovely and engaging story! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for more.

    A few notable quotes (this is by no means all of them, just the ones I managed to write down).

    “though she had often saved the world, usually around May, when something evil had apocalyptic notions”
    This made me lol! I love the meta hat tip.

    “I can honestly claim to have never cared for that particular door. Among all the doors I frequent it is my least favourite.”
    Again with the incredible wit! So much fun!

    “I once caught a vampire trying to sire his cat.”
    I love this idea! I’d totally do this. Also shows so well how off the watchers are on demons.

    “If you searched London’s seedier back alleys for vampires, you soon became immune to being scandalized — tonight’s fare was relatively tame. She observed for a second to make sure kissing and groping were only leading to the bloodless kind of lust.”
    Lovely bit of writing here!

    Okay all for now but looking forward to more!

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    1. I’m glad you listened to OMWF again - I should probably listen to it when I’m getting songs stuck in my head from work.

      Thanks AM glad you’re enjoying it. I just realised our current online names are the same initials.

      Glad you like the meta jokes, they’ll probably be more.

      Yes, love writing banter and I do have a least favourite door - at one of the places I used to live - isn’t that a normal thing.

      I wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote about a vampire turning a cat but I could see that - that’s a compliment. The Council are off on so much.

      So happy you think my writing is lovely. I’m working on the next chapter - so will update soon. Xx

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