Comment on (You'll Be) the Death of Me

  1. Aaaaaaaah I hope it did make you feel better, at least in some small way. I agree with you, I think seeing Steve in this kind of role is scary since in canon his character is so pure and good and honest. This almost takes it in the direction of HYDRA Steve, except in a modern universe. Pretty terrifying to imagine, especially if you're Bucky, who knew Steve before he got this way.

    I'm so glad you thought the music paired well with the text, that was one of my goals while writing this (and why the fic ended up being so intense!). Thank you for reading and commenting, I really hope it wasn't too triggering and I'm happy at least there's something slightly positive/hopeful at the end of the story to lift things up a little bit after all the rough stuff.

    <3 <3 <3

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