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  1. “Practice,” Carnival says at length. Silence. Then: “Creativity.” She spits the words out like a malediction, vindictive and almost proud.

    She needs to remember, now that they’re out of the city of Deep, not to fall into old ruts. Carnival isn’t the killer here, Rachel is. Carnival isn’t the adult here, that’s Rachel too.

    Rachel touching Carnival's hair! Rachel modifying clothes for Carnival (and Dill)! The entire passage RE: jewelry and Carnival picking through said jewelry! "You're like a crow with those." "What does that even fucking mean?" screams aloud

    You are absolutely still sixteen, is what Rachel wants to say. She doesn’t. Atop the list of argument-inducing questions she doesn’t want to answer is why that thought makes her want to cry as much as laugh.

    This is so good! What a good fic. What an awful ship.

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