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  1. You don't ship Clexa, you don't even like Clexa, you didn't like them together on the show and don't want to write them together in this fic, so why do you keep tagging this fic as Clexa so it shows up in the Clexa tag?

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    1. Because there is Clexa moments. And I do ship them, just not on the show. I ship them through fan edits and fics.

      Why does it matter? Loads of people use tags for ships that aren’t in their stories, why should Clexa be any different? And there are Clexa moments, like I said.

      I mean they literally just kissed. And I have also written Clexa fanfics before but on Wattpad, I ship every ship and like to experiment with different views and structures of relationships. If you have a suggestion for a chapter you’d like to see, I will do my best to write it, even if it’s Clexa.

      The only ship I do not ship and never ever will write about is Johntari as she captured him, tortured him and then threatened his life if he did not have sex with her, which means she raped him. And I will never support that.

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