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  1. No system can be made foolproof - but issues can be minimised. Boundaries between categories are likely to vary between fandoms (as well as being slightly fuzzy anyway). The source material is normally of interest to particular age groups - and observation of the stories posted and comments thereon will indicate whether there are different groups (by age or category etc) which have to be catered for.

    There is probably a natural minimum age at which people are likely to become involved with fanfic (rather than official books etc), and people do mature at different ages (and may, whatever their age, use fanfic to understand particular issues etc). Perhaps some combination of 'do you wish to proceed' messages ('this contains both X and Y tags) would solve some issues.

    Probably the situation will become clearer when the system comes into operation.

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    1. Another aspect that may have to be considered - the Celebrities and Real People section.

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