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  1. Dear Wonderful Writer,

    This is incredible. When I requested Romana/Narvin, it wasn't with any great hope - I thought myself rather lonely in my shipping - but even if I'd known someone was writing it, I wouldn't have expected anything like THIS. This far, far exceeds any expectations I had. It's long and wonderful and they have a more than halfway functional relationship, and are happy, and are still entirely themselves: "Well, if you deserve it. I will throw you out on your ear if you stop doing your job well.". :D The mental alongside the physical aspect is entirely convincingly written and seems so natural; it fits right in with the Council meetings and the laws and the politics (Romana's speech versus Narvin's surveillance!), all texture and detail of this world.

    And you have all the other characters and their relationships perfect too. Romana and Brax (the only thing she will ever owe him for!), and the way Romana/Narvin links into Brax and Narvin's animosity. Leela's explanation of why it was easy to forgive Andred made my eyes sting (hurray for second chances!) and Leela and Narvin - "Hello, Savage." "Hello, Keeper of Lies," says Leela, just as cordially -, with Leela 'playing up the savage angle', and not quite smiling and only liking each other as many days as they do not is :D.

    This entire series is love. When I first discovered my gifts, I sent my Yuletide-doing friend a text. It began OH MY GOD, paused to apologise for blasphemy on Christmas Day, and continued full of exclamations, capital letters, excitement and a whole row of :DDDDDDDDD. When I got around to reading, I was not disappointed. At all. My excitement was fully justified, and I have been talking about and quoting these fics to everyone for days (and a couple of people might actually have been listening! ;D) They are my favourite gift this year. Thank you so, so much.

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    1. *enormous grin* Gawd, THIS is the comment that every Yuletide writer wants to get from their recipient. I had a very long reply mostly written and then my computer went and ate it (grr), but mostly what I had to say was 'thank you so much!' and also 'squee!' with a side note of 'I am poking at other things in this 'verse and while I cannot promise they will ever get done I certainly hope that they will because really this world is just ungodly FUN to write.'

      (Also 'LEELA.' She's just too, too wonderful; I had to work her in wherever I could. Like you, I love her snarky detante with Narvin. They're kind of wildly adorable together, no?)

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