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  1. Tangerine, Earth 811, Excalibur

    Oh, man, your story sounds so familiar. I was so not fannish at all for, like, four years, but the urge came back, and now it's basically like I am brand new. And I'm also re-discovering how fun it is to TALK about your fannish feelings and ships and whatnot. Or just flail, which I do as well. Tumblr remains my last wall of intimidation, but maybe someday. But yes, I am also trying to be better about commenting, and posting stuff regardless of how I personally feel about it. (I tend to like everything I post on some level, even if it is just bits of it, but I don't always love unconditionally, if that makes sense -- because in my experience, SOMEONE will love it enough for me.

    Thank you! And no worries. I know commenting is hard to do (and thus, am always so grateful because I know it can be nerve-wracking or scary for some people), and I'm not especially great at it myself, but like you, have resolved to try and get/be better. I'm still not batting 100% but ... small steps. :)

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