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  1. I am ALWAYS up for chatting bout Ric and Star. After years of lurking on and off I decided to finally start becoming more active in the fandom. I'd forgotten how fun it could be to talk to people about it, as opposed to just lurking reading fic on your own, checking the AO3 tag every day in hopes of something new popping up. It's why I'm trying to post stuff, both fic and art, even if I'm not always happy with it, and trying to get better at commenting on other people's work :)

    "I like to wallow in Julio's POV and ignore Star sometimes, but I always have his side planned out! So it will happen! Thanks for the excitement!"

    Dude, of COURSE I'm excited. I find Julio's POV easier to write sometimes. I have to get out of my own head when writing 'Star. Both are extremely fun to read though! Especially when written by you, and I apologize now for not taking the time to comment on stuff in the past. Sooorryyyyyy <3

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    1. Tangerine, Earth 811, Excalibur

      Oh, man, your story sounds so familiar. I was so not fannish at all for, like, four years, but the urge came back, and now it's basically like I am brand new. And I'm also re-discovering how fun it is to TALK about your fannish feelings and ships and whatnot. Or just flail, which I do as well. Tumblr remains my last wall of intimidation, but maybe someday. But yes, I am also trying to be better about commenting, and posting stuff regardless of how I personally feel about it. (I tend to like everything I post on some level, even if it is just bits of it, but I don't always love unconditionally, if that makes sense -- because in my experience, SOMEONE will love it enough for me.

      Thank you! And no worries. I know commenting is hard to do (and thus, am always so grateful because I know it can be nerve-wracking or scary for some people), and I'm not especially great at it myself, but like you, have resolved to try and get/be better. I'm still not batting 100% but ... small steps. :)

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