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  1. I had to check the pairing tags to make sure Stan wasn't gonna steal anything from Star but then I rememberd "tall and imposing", "model", and "Stan Smith" and I was like Disguise, got it. The thing I was thinking tho was why Star was there, but then the scene where Ric being used as a weapon by his family to intimidate/kill their opponents happen and I realize Star may be there for a rescue mission. It turns out I was right. It's still heartbraking tho.

    Also, wow, I'm a huge sucker for Star being violent and hard on people except for Julio where he automatically turns soft. Daaaaamn.

    And ugh, Ric. Why do you always break my heart. He smiled! When he was gonna die! Aaaahhhhh. I'm guessing the one who set it up is his step mama?

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    1. Also, forgot to mention - Julio who can speak 4 fluent languages!? HELLA. Badass! Now I imagine them having a conversation with 5 languages and the others are like ????

      And aaahh, have you seen Star's garbage outfit in Deadpool 2? Hahahaha, his sword has another sword sticking out on the front, his headgear looks plastic and bulging, the top of his hair looks stacked up like Adele's and his whole outfit looks like a bad cosplay but goddamn, I'm gonna die for that man!

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      1. Tangerine, Earth 811, Excalibur

        He's had a lot of time on his hands! He's fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, and working on French. (And totally failed at German. And now knows workable Cadre). Star's at English, Spanish, German and Cadre for sure (his canonical languages). Nobody will ever know the conversations of a more personal nature they're having!

        I remarked that it actually looked like he was wearing a garbage bag as a shirt. (I've often worn garbage bags when the weather turns into rain and I don't have anything better, and I'm 100% sure I've fashioned a similar outfit). I am so ready for this. I want to think the bad cosplay outfit is intentional -- like, he shows up to join, and they're all "WTF is this guy but we'll take anyone so okay" and then he turns out to be a murder death kill machine. And, as expected, completely ridiculous. <3

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    2. Tangerine, Earth 811, Excalibur

      I was trying to both be sneaky and obvious. It never even occurs to Julio that Smith might be there for anything other than what he's been hired for, because he's basically still recovering -- mentally and physically -- from extreme trauma. So he doesn't taken Smith's actions (casually getting the full story, trying to fix what he can physically, etc.) at anything other than face value because he's trying to accept what's happened. It's very heartbreaking!

      And, yes, me too. (Ha, clearly -- I feel like I should explore something new, but I can't, I'm so stuck on this wonderful thought of care and protection of one J.E. Richter). <3

      I know! So heartbreaking! I might reveal who set it up someday -- it could really be a lot of people. The step-mama he doesn't think about even once, the cousin he begged Star not to kill, the rebellious small contingent of his family that gets him books to read, etc.

      As usual, Slither! Thanks for the comment!! I appreciate it muchly!

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