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  1. When I was looking up Japanese letter writing customs, I found out that they use a lot more "stock phrases" compared to my country (America). So in addition to writing the equivalent of "Dear whoever," there are a bunch of set phrases that you can include at the beginning and end of letters, and if you don't use them, it can seem rude or informal. Since Yuu was trying to keep his identity a secret, he knew that he was supposed to use them, but wasn't familiar with any in particular, which is why he says that he "wasn’t really good at memorizing letter expressions." So that's the cultural background behind that scene...not really necessary to understand it, but I thought I'd delve into my reasoning a bit just for fun.

    I guess I wasn't as clear about the description of the drawing as I could have been; I meant that Yuu outlined the sun in blue crayon, so the sun is just the blank paper, which is white. I didn't really go into what haphazard crayon colors he possessed (the Hyakuya orphans just had a bunch of random colors, not a complete set, as was briefly mentioned in Ch 2) but in my head he's missing a yellow crayon, so he made do. He could have gotten some actual art supplies, but thought it would be more meaningful if he maintained that connection to his family. And yet, paper(/the fancy pen) isn't something he would have access to as a prisoner...his old and new lives are inextricably tangled together.

    One day we will get to day...I'm really serious about the slow burn tag in this fic...

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    1. (just now I'm reading this lol)
      anyway, I just thought it was really cute and funny the whole process of yuu writing lol
      and ohhhhhhhhhhh that yellow crayon. it was bothering me so much lol. sorry my memory is terrible, these details just tend to slip away.
      but now that you mentioned, this whole scene doubled in meaning >.<
      ps- I wanttttt miiikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      (slow burn will be the death of me)

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