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  1. Ok, not really about the give but - you CAN NOT miss a subway. It's impossible.

    Trains during the day go at least 1 per ten min. If you miss the one you aim for? Ok, you'll be ten min late. Still faster than walking.
    At night, think 12 to 5 am or so, you still get at least 1 train every half hour. At least.
    All that also matters only if you live in the outer boroughs w only one train nearby. Manhattan has diff trains every two three blocks, all going to diff parts. If your station is closed for maintenance? Walk five min to the closest next one, then transfer to the train you need.

    Please please at least say he missed his bus. Still no point not to take the next one but slightly more sense.

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    1. snuf

      Haha, okay, thanks :) I'll fix that. I don't live in a place with a subway and in my town the buses seem to run once every year. I'm a noob when it comes to public transport XP

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