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  1. Hehe no problem! :D Alas, you are right! Something DID always interfere with their battles, didn't it? Shame. I would like an honest battle between them, TCW-era, because Obi-Wan and Maul at their best would be fucking EPIC.

    (nnng, fuck Sidious, seriously. I am so looking forward to fucking his shit up in a spectacular manner.)

    Ah, and yeah. No, it would not be an effortless win for Red in ANY manner. The way Red beats Dooku is because he snuck up and stabbed him in the back. Had it been any other way, say a fair Sith-y fight? There would have been significant damage to both sides and then I probably would have rolled some dice to see who would have won. Dooku is not a push-over and at that point, Red hadn't really done much. Still hasn't, tbh. You don't let him whip off his spells and eh. You have a slightly weaker canon!Obi-Wan in 'saber skills, with Force Drain.

    Maul without the familiarity would win. ;) (If he could avoid the Force Drain)

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    1. OMG, Sidious. I'm looking forward to you fucking his shit up in a spectacular manner, too. XD With bells on!

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