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  1. So first of all let me just say that congrats on the 3 year anniversary and that I was so freaking excited when I saw that you had a posted an update, especially a Monsters one since I think you know how in love I am with this verse!!!

    Having said that I love that we got to see everything in the restaurant from Quentin's POV, both with where the investigation is and what his thoughts on who the Vigilante and Arrow are since it give us a good point of reference to just how close he is to the truth and how much evidence he actually has to back those theories up, which we now know is none. But I have to admit that my favourite part of course was him just getting to see Oliver and Felicity as Oliver and Felicity because not only was it as he was watching her in particular that he finally started to see some of the pieces that he was missing in his investigation but it was so interesting to see the little bits if their other identities that bleed out in everyday life. Plus, really its just amazing to see Oliver from his POV since he is one of the few people that really got to know the old Ollie so seeing the differences from his eyes is intriguing since it really tells you how much he has changed, but the similarities he sees of course are the best part since in case any further verification was needed, Lance made it very clear that its obvious that Oliver's feelings for Felicity are much more than platonic.

    Love that Felicity is more tactile and how defensive she is of him because he really has come to be a very important person in her life and I just love how clear she is about the fact that she would do anything for him, even if she does shy away a bit after saying it (which I have to admit that seeing this type of reaction from this type of Felicity is just adorable). Thought it does hurt to see that Oliver holds back from saying how he really feels about her because he is so scared that if he points anything out like how much more she touches him that she will stop or worse cause her to pull away from him and if anything is clear its that he clearly not only wants her but needs her in his life.

    I love that Felicity made Tommy blush, that was just so cute and the fact that she could do that was just such a nice little unexpected and yet completely understandable surprise. The fact that it also made Oliver jealous jsut made it infinitely times better. I also really just loved hte interaction between all threee of them because it jsut shows how comfortable they ahve gotten arouns each pther, especially in Tommy's case because its obvious that while he has accepted who his best friend and his partner there is still a bit of hisitation with since his first nanswer after Laurel's call for he Arro's help was no (which by the way the fact that Oluver was so open about teh whole call thing and had the phoen call on speaker jsut made me melt becuase it shows how serious he is about the hoiwle no secrets between them thing).

    I do have to say though that while I realise that Laurel's initial reaction to hearing that Deathstroke would also be included in helping her out is probably realistic considering everything, but I have to admit that i did not like it. It just seems wrong to even not like this version of Felicity, and I get it, I mean it makes sense but I am completely biased.

    Also, I am dying to know who it is that Felicity is ignoring because it could be so many freaking people that we have not seen written about yet and I gots to know!!!!

    Loved it as I always do and let's face it always will. Cannot wait for more!

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    1. Purple mask with black lace

      Thank you so much! I'm so excited about it! It's been quite some time since I've done Monsters, so I figured it was time to get back to it. :)

      Lance's POV has always been a blast to work with because he's trying to piece it together from the outside. So some of his deductions are on point, while others are incorrect. This time, though, I wanted him to be on point for a change. And it also tells you that while he'd love to go after the Arrow and Deathstroke, he has nothing concrete. :) Giving Lance the opportunity to see them without the masks really helped to discover more about them. Lance's perspective puts him in a good place to notice the changes between the old Oliver and the new one, so that helps, too. :)

      I am mildly obsessed with Felicity's protectiveness over Oliver. She knows that he can hold his own in a fight and she doesn't feel the need to protect him in those instances, but she knows that he has a tendency to shut down and just take any verbal abuse because he thinks he deserves it. And Felicity is Not Having That. Felicity definitely has feelings for him--even if she denies that they're romantic--and she just isn't sure how to admit them. Oliver means something to her, whether she likes it or not; she's just not sure how to admit it and get comfortable with it.

      Haha, I had a lot of fun with Felicity and Tommy's bantering in this. I felt like her compliment would have surprised him into blushing. :) Oliver definitely Did Not like that, but he's not ready to call it jealousy yet. They've sort of opened up to one another here, and it's a lot of fun to watch the three of them interact. I really felt that Oliver putting the phone on speaker when Laurel called really helped to cement his friendship with Tommy now that they've had this massive disagreement.

      If it makes you feel better, I didn't like Laurel saying that either. It makes sense given what she knows about Deathstroke, but it's still a tad unfair to Felicity. Hahaha, I'm biased, too, so I completely understand. :)

      The person Felicity is ignoring will be revealed eventually. Patience, my dear. ;)

      Thank you so much, my friend, for another lovely review. :)

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