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    this is the first hamilton fanic im reading and im so glad because it’s amazing and im in love omg this is so awesome!!!!! i adore how you convert all of their traits and stuff to a modern setting and i LOVE all the references to the musical and just ahhhhh this is great!!!!!

    and also about the french it looks good and i’m not fluent or anything but i am taking french and i noticed a couple things and that’s not your fault at all google translate is kind of a disaster lol anyway when lafayette is saying “mon amis” that should be “mes amis” bc amis is plural so you need plural possessive noun! and when lafayette calls alex “petite lion” petite is feminine so it should be “petit” because obviously alex is a boy lol and then when lafayette is introducing himself it’s his first time meeting alex so he should be using vous form instead of tu form, so that should be “vous êtes français” rather than “tu es français” and ahhh sorry if that seemed rude i just wanna try to help because like i said google translate is a wreck so i hope im helping???? you dont have to change anything idk anyway this fic is perfect and i am so excited to keep reading!!!!!!

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    1. Your comment has literally made my evening. I'm sat up at 2am checking social media, and reading this honestly warms my fangirly heart <3 I am so glad you're enjoying it so far, I can only hope to keep meeting your expectations :) Never be concerned about correcting my language usage, I welcome the grammar corrections as I am renown for grammar checking :P

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      1. ahhh im so glad i could make your evening!!!!!! this story is also making my evening haha i love it a lot it’s so good and perfect and alex is such a dad it warms my heart so much i cant stop smiling ahhhh this is awesome!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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