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  1. Video games/TV/movies: all of those basically fall under the "low culture" umbrella, meaning that society as a whole does not respect them, but that sure does not stop certain vampires (skewing common) from being interested in them! Since the apocalypse began, vampires have to rely either on their DVD collection or get a laptop and search out what can be found. Out of those three, video games could be considered the least respected, but ironically the most interesting to vampires since quite a few vampires have anchors involving "games," and in general vampires tend to like intellectual puzzles. Film and movies are more about passive consumption, so there are fewer vampires who find them interesting.

    When it comes to making movies, however, there's a decent amount of interest, especially pre-apocalypse, because of a few factors. 1) Acting and theater are respected in DtYF vampire culture, and 2) Vampires love publishing texts (ex. novels, plays, movies, etc.) about vampires to the unsuspecting human masses. It's going to come up more in part 2/4 of part 1 (that's how I organize it in my outline/head, lol), but there are a lot of committees in Sanguinem! Some of those committees are about censorship of texts, even those published "for vampire eyes only." Because of those structures, vampire-made films tend towards the really dry (pandering to those in power) or as boundary-pushing as possible (for those who view the laws as an excuse for competition).

    Those mediums aren't super relevant to the plot/characters at this juncture, so those are pretty much my thoughts on the topic.

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    1. dtyf's vampire culture sounds so wonderfully, delicately clusterfucked i cant wait to see more of it

      yuu vs vampiric social gathering deathmatch is abt to become my favorite sport i can feel it. "is he gonna get dragged over to watch a vampire play?" my heart asks. "is he gonna play the tuba in front of a crowd someday?" my heart counters.

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