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  1. Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh gosh! I mean wow!

    Jim as a changeling who acctualy knows he's a changeling is something I didn't know I've been waiting for but... Gosh! I liked how Jim tried to find ways to save Barbara and Toby. My dark sanse of humor enjoyed that. I wonder what reasons he would gave for Claire.

    Also Strickler. I can't get enough of this guy.

    Thank you for writting it. Excelent work.

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    1. A goblin king and fairy princess about to fly through a thorn bush together

      If Jim thought he had the clout for it, he's pull a Schindler's List and make excuses for why pretty much every human he knows ought to be spared - except James Lake Senior, because He Hurt Barbara and Nobody Hurts Barbara - but as it is, he doesn't have the status to make Bular (let alone Gunmar) listen to him and agree to his request, so he figures the best he can do is save one or maybe two people. Now that he's the bearer of the Amulet, therefore necessary for Gunmar's escape, he might push for more favours, but he doesn't want to aggravate Bular to the point where Bular just kills him. (They know they need the amulet to open the Killahead Bridge, but not that they need the Trollhunter to open it.)

      Spoilers: One of the big difference in this timeline is that Jim is not infatuated with Claire. He knows her in passing and doesn't have anything against her, but he's centuries old and thinks of basically every human he deals with as a child - which creates some interesting cognitive dissonance with how he also thinks of Barbara as his mother, and exacerbates the tendency Toby observes, "You mother your mother a lot." Claire will be involved in the story later, but for now, Jim doesn't have a specific excuse or motive to save her.

      Jim will see himself as doing Claire a favour when he suggests Enrique be replaced by a Changeling, though, since Familiars are not to be harmed. He can't send her or Toby into sanctuary that way, they're too old, but at least he's saving her brother.

      Strickler, and Nomura, and the Janus Order, and Changeling 'culture', are going to play big important roles in the story, which is all I can say without giving another spoiler.

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