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  1. hello.. im loving the story so far..
    just a small request if you don't mind..
    could you write a bit on the effect of the accident on Conor? I think a head injury is pretty bad, so maybe a severe migraine/a fainting episodes/a nightmare or anything
    where any of the boys (preferably jack coz i love brotherly love) are with him..
    I love conor and i love angst.. but there's not much of conor angst i can find. and your fic is the closest i can relate to it, so.. pretty pleaseee.. >.<
    Anyway, can't wait for your next update!

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    1. Hi.
      Thanks for you comment and nice words.
      I have a new part for this series in the making, and haven't really thought much about bringing Conor-hurt-angst in to that. It might actually work.
      If it doesn't, I'll write something else for you. Maybe the time right after the accident. Thank you, you have given me something to think about. Stay tuned ;-)

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      1. Yes!! Thank you so much :D

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