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  1. Cool. Yeah. That be great. Check out elder scrolls lore if ya need more info about it. The character has dreams blurry at first but yes he feels that he did come from somewhere once. He wakes up sweat dripping on his head. Seeing monster great foes etc. slowly majic will return to him. He be like a novice relearning his ways. Like the film Jason Bourne. He finally remembers all at the 3rd movie. Way later let him remember who he is not now ofcourse. Side note look up Achilles vs westeros. Look up some opinions. While I’m sure he can beat his brother Jamie. Maybe the duel will be a bit longer like 15-20 seconds. Jamie without his armor and Jamie with armor scenario. Jamie is a hell of a knight. Look up gladiator vs professional knights . Cause of one thing he’s very acrobatic. More than Oberyn. I believe he have issues if he fought Oberyn. And I’m sure Jamie vs Oberyn would be very interesting to see

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    1. Thinking...

      I have played Oblivion and Skyrim so I do know maybe somethings or more. Thanks for suggesting, though. As for the Last Dovahkiin dreams, I'll see about it how it goes. I can't confirm anything yet but it seems to be more likely than Naruto. Who knows?

      Ser Ivan (the Gladiator) bested Ser Jaime not more than ten seconds and the OC could beat him within twenty-thirty seconds. With, or without armour. Jaime is one HELL of a knight, I agree with his prowess, but he was no matched to the very veteran and experienced master gladiator from the fighting pits of Essos. I never heard anything about Jaime being very acrobatic, less for Jaime being more acrobatic than Oberyn. I can very well say that the Gladiator and the OC is exceptionally good in taijutsu, or you can say, fighting skills with your hands and legs.

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