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  1. Lord of ring is a good movie. But doesn’t show the portrayal of our midevil ages of men. The scheming, murders, rape, backstabbing, men with no conscious, sycophants, the racism, greed, sexism, cruelty of others for ones enjoyment. Nights are not like the ones you read in children stories. Got shows a better portrayal of our mid evil ages then lord of rings.
    GOT becomes more like lord of the rings when the battle of white walkers and the living come out in season 8.
    Ramsay Bolton is like the equivalence of that Dracula dude in mid times that put spikes up peoples asses and out their mouths like a kabab.

    You got plenty of time til your oc deals with white walkers. Your story will take a couple of years to complete.

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    1. Thinking...

      It's labelled "fantasy", for a start. Back then when Tolkien wrote The Hobbit he was at the Battle of the Somme. So pretty much he was seeing the horrors of one of the greatest battle in WW1 so perhaps he wanted a better vision in his own fantasy world. From S1-S3 GoT still rocks but starting at S5 is their downfall, though I still thoroughly get amused by their writings.

      Who knows about my fanfic where it will end? GoT producers stated that they'll release the last season in 2019 and my crossover(s) will occupy the gaps this year, or Martin should release "A Winds of Winter" sooner. One can hope and wish.

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