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    Hey, missy, it's damn hard to write a comment sideways, y'know! 'Cause after I read the first dozen lines of this I fell flat off my chair--you should warn a person! ;-)

    I enjoyed all the sly allusions to other characters & fandom tropes, as well as how you merged the two 'verses. (I love 'Tilt-a-World'! :-) You give so many wonderful details: Synn finding Kellum because his love of animals leads him to animal shelters, even 20 years later; crossing dimensions making Synn able to see Kellum because 'Once you're seen into a few of them, reality becomes a lot sharper'; using his power makes Kellum cold, probably skinny too; Kellum reading that the baddies want to 'kill the alien' & realizing that Synn's the alien; Synn urging Kellum to read his mind to show him that Synn's trustworthy, & wanting to protect Kellum because '...maybe he'd think he was peeling back years, peeling away hurt, and back to innocence....' I hope Kellum is able to escape the 'alphabet soup gang', & that Julie really is safe here without him.

    Plus, y'know. Damn! :: fans self with ponytail ::

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    1. <3!

      I had so much fun writing this fic. Loved David Kellum in Scanners II and Sam Synn in Ferocious Planet. I had to put them together. Seriously, half the fun was trying to figure out how to bring them together. I'm tickled pink you enjoyed it - sideways and all!

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