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  1. This was incredible! I know you had a very short window of time to write this and it's absolutely perfect. My mental process for requesting these characters was basically "Let's smash my faves together and see what happens." The way you did it was just... WOW! I loved how you combined both Peter's issues with his father, the ship requested, and the "give Jean a codename" prompt all so seamlessly, like they were meant to be together. I liked the reference to the Marvel Girl codenname from the comic. I've been reading the 60s X-Men comics and that made me smile. The teasing was all just the right level of affectionate. The dialogue felt so natural and right for the characters. I also appreciated how you touched on Peter's issues without making everything all about Erik. I loved the way they came about with the Phoenix codename and connecting it back to the rebuilding of the school. It also reminded me a little bit of the lines from Deadpool about having to rebuild it every few years. I liked how all three of them fit very well together and it seemed effortless the way you had them interact.

    Thank you for picking up my pinch hit. I normally am fine with being a pinch hit but with how long it was lingering I was getting antsy and was close to just telling the mod not to bother finding one for me anymore. This really is the perfect fic for me and I'm glad you wrote it for me. I love this fic and thank you so much for writing it for me.

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    1. First bubble chamber neutrino detection, 1970

      Thank you! I am glad you liked it; your prompts were great and I just wish I had spotted them sooner ...

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