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  1. Happy New Year’s Eve eve, Sleepless!

    I really like paternal or big brother Greg for their relationship. This was right in character for Lestrade- no nonsense, no unnecessary conversation and no shame afterwards. He was considerate of Sherlock’s feelings when it became obvious that the “criminal” was fearing humiliation. That’s the Greg who has always cared about Holmes from the start.

    Loved the easy snark at the end where he assures Sherlock that after multiple drugs busts, Greg certainly knows where the tea is. Wonder how John is going to react when he discovers his Boy has gone rogue poisoner in his absence. Lol.

    Hope 2018 is a great one for you hon. ❤️ Pat

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    1. Hi Pat!

      So glad you liked this fic. I definitely feel a twitch of guilt in the back of my head for not returning to Agreement, but oh, well. My muse is a finnicky little thing.

      Ooh, now I'm really tempted to write a follow-up including John's reaction. I'm afraid that if I fall down that rabbit-hole, I'll find myself with a whole nother series in my hands! It really is tempting, though. I'll have to think about it.

      Have a lovely new year :D

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      1. Happy January, Sleepless.

        Your idea for an epilogue is just right. I imagine poor John won’t know whether to yell at Greg for invading HIS “territory” or thank him for preventing Sherlock’s “murder”.

        How he chooses to deal with Sherlock is entirely up to you. ;) ❤️ Pat

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