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  1. "...but everyone knows your trainees are a cut above average.”
    Meaning they died slightly less than the others.

    Oh, my heart. These are her kids, you fool.

    "“Chief Physician Oralech needs more medical assistants out at the summit.”"

    IT'S HIM ! !

    "Some, like young Hedwyn, had not been so responsive. He had to be coaxed to eat. [...] Hedwyn didn’t even cry. It was as though someone had simply snuffed out the light behind his eyes..."

    MY POOR SWEET BOY WHO HAS NEVER WRONGED ANYONE IN HIS LIFE (so far). Gosh I just. Love Hedwyn, so much, and this is. awful. You tend to forget that for him to have been under Jodi's care, he had to have been orphaned first... poor, poor Hedwyn.

    "Hedwyn had, at present, offered it a peppermint, and stroked its nose."


    "“You will make no more promises you can’t keep,” said Jodariel. “Yes, Captain,” said Hedwyn..."

    hey this is a personal fucking attack on me, my actual self, what the fuck i hate this but i really love it

    anyway i'm done screaming now

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    1. I've thought a lot about how tough it must be that Jodariel has to foster all these kids who just get marched off to the border to die in such a senseless war. I like to think she really did think she was doing the best she could, by recommending them to the positions she felt suited them the most. But unfortunately she was still a part of the machine that was killing them. So yeah, I wanted to strike a balance between Jodariel the soldier who hates the Highwing Remnants and Jodariel who loves children and doesn't want any of them to die. I think for all she probably would shake her head at Hedwyn getting exiled, the fact he's survived means a lot to her.

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