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  1. So you think you could get him to wear it?
    “What else are you supposed to do with a cravat?” Javert snapped. Scandalous images immediately flooded his mind, and he flushed. “Oh, for Heaven’s sake!”

    Hee hee, talking boner fic is MY FAVOURITE -- I will never get over how clever A Loaded Gun is, and what cunning use it makes of Javert's bizarre Brick dialogue. (The only explanation for the same that I will accept is a talking boner ~ of course!). Here, we get to revisit the sneaky, snarky rhythms of the boner's conversation with Javert, and what an unmitigated delight it is!

    Oh dear, the voice whispered smugly. He has been thoroughly corrupted.
    “Most certainly,” Javert said. “I daresay that was the plan all along.”

    Of course, even better is how the boner has become so besotted, as well as snarky, and how both Javert and his boner have fallen quite so much in love with Valjean. Good thing Valjean loves them back, although he presumably still isn't apprised of the fact that Javert's boner talks to him. Okay, now I might have to beg you for that sequel, too XD What a wonderful Christmas gift this is ♥ ♥ ♥

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    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. <3 And lol, I'm sure Valjean has picked up on Javert's weird mutterings, but it probably wouldn't occur to him that's it's an actual monologue, which may be just as well...

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