Comment on Fan Fiction is Moving to the AO3

  1. Not all those who wander are lost

    According to - "Roberts, Nora (J. D. Robb). In Death, Bridal Quartet, Circle Trilogy and many other series and books. Despite being on FanFiction.Net's unpostable list[88], has said that she doesn't mind fanfic and she'd "say on your own site, or a site that supports or is structured for fanfic--go for it, and have a good time."

    (However, AO3 does not prevent fic from being posted even if an author has said they disagree with it.)

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    1. I've been writing an InDeath fanfic on that forum, and I decided to place them on hiatus because of J.D. Robb's request. I'm having second thoughts now :D

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