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  1. I feel like if they do pass the law, a lot of people will get angry and, since it's the 21st century and we don't know how to function without the internet, a lot will riot and put up protests. I'm not sure how long the FCC would be able to ignore it then if people started acting out even as the law has already passed, but hopefully by the time Trump is out of office we'll be able to reverse the law.

    And anything you can do will help! It's a stupid law that'll affect a bunch of Americans, so thanks for sharing it on social media and such. XD

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    1. (Previous comment deleted.)

      1. No, they're not expressly taking away the internet but they want the ability make it harder to access in the form of charging more for individual use of certain platforms and websites. For many Americans, this is just as good as taking it away.

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      2. The problem is that the U.S. cares about UN rulings as much as China does. That is to say they don't care unless it benefits them. And since there is no enforcement on "international law" (as at best they have pseudo/conditional power) there's even more reason to not listen. Even if they did the U.S. would be largely in control and be one of the nation's with veto power (on several divisions actually).

        Also, there's no such thing as human rights. At least not natural human rights. Human rights were created out of desire. Those same desires can change and it would be just as easy to repeal or alter them as it was to make them.

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