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  1. Will there be any way to know if your story helped at all? I've submitted mine and I hope it'll be useful at least a bit, but it'd be nice to know for sure either way:)

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    1. Many thanks for submitting! We really appreciate it. I can assure you that your submission will be useful -- it may be quoted or it may be used as background information, but regardless of how we end up using it, it'll definitely be useful!

      Over the next few weeks, we'll be deciding which stories to quote in our submissions and which ones to use in the background. When we've filed our submission, we'll post it on the legal page of, and we'll link to that in news posts about the process. There, you'll be able to see which stories we ended up quoting.

      The gears of lawmaking turn slowly, so action by the Copyright Office may take up to a year -- but we'll also link to what they do when they do it. They sometimes cite or quote individual examples, and we will try to highlight that if it happens.

      Thanks again!

      OTW Legal

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