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  1. I was trying to keep them in character so I'm very glad that came across!

    Oh gosh I've been writing that first time fic since the spring... it has turned into a monster! It was getting too hard to follow with both their POVs, so now I've got two pieces going: the whole thing from Alec’s POV and then the same events from Magnus’s POV.

    Thank you for commenting :)

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    1. Oh that's a great idea! Does it play off this fic or is it separate?

      This was quite well written. Very honest. It makes so much sense that they took actual steps to the sex step rather than everything at once. It makes sense that Magnus isn't teasing alec, knowing this is a lot for him to begin with. Really, very good. I do hope you continue.

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      1. Thank you, that is so nice to hear, and I'm glad it worked for you. It's definitely my personal head-canon that things progressed over time, and thankfully there are many lovely fics out there taking that approach! But I have also read some fic where Malec jumps in with two feet in 2x07 which have worked for me because the author has spun it a certain way, so that has been neat too!

        And yes, the first time fic fits with this one! Of course, "This Time" was supposed to get posted after "First Time" but I desperately needed to take a break from the latter. I'm giving myself until April to finish it... otherwise once we get new material it might be toast :/

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