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  1. Hi))
    I want to thank you cause these two are my favorite characters in Outlander universe.
    If I'd try to invent a believable way to put them together, I guess, I'd come to the same decision.
    I absolutely love all the dialogs, and the moment when Johnny spots Randall's scar. I was so satisfied to know he's lost his testicle and is infertile know. Sometimes I think Frank's infertility is kinda punishment for all of Black Jack sin's (even his offspring has to suffer).
    The piece where Randall recalls what he did to Jamie is wonderful.
    I admire you, because, well it's not easy to describe a graphic child rape. But considering Randall's personal history, it can't be any other way.
    Actually, I'd like to dip in his past to see what on the earth made him such a psychopath. Cause you know, Alex remembered the times when his brother were softer and more like human being.
    I mean, don't you consider to write a sequel in which they meet again and Randall opens up to young Lord John, just a little?
    Okay maybe I am a sucker for 'even monsters crave a partner' plot. But can you imagine them together? Without rape and blackmail, just gals being pals under British Crown rule))
    Honestly I am so fascinated by both of them, they are such a strong written characters. No wonder you picked them to create your marvelous story, I feel pretty much the same!!

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