Comment on Happily Ever After (How Could I Ask for More?)

  1. i was so excited when i saw that there's a new vmin story from you!!! but gaaahhh!!! i was so stressed the entire time!! i can feel jimin's anxiety so much that i was just freaking out about the inevitable breakdown that was coming.

    i can feel where he's coming from about not questioning anything either because he knows marrying taehyung is what he wants but he's getting so swept up with how excited and sure tae is that he doesn't question it, doesn't see that this isn NOT how he wants to do this, even if i was hoping, the entire time, that he would just! say! something! i was so stressed that the wedding would be a disaster of cancellations and apologies which would have been the right thing to do if jimin was uncomfortable - no one should be pressure into anything as final as a marriage! - but im also relieved they managed to work it out.

    i'm so curious on what comes next for them!! i know this is a one-shot but this universe is going to be a beautiful discovery of what romantic love is between them from what i see of it so far so thank you for giving us this! also i just read two long fics so far with vmin on unequal footing in love so gaahhh maybe i need fluff hahaha. thank you so much for writing this!!! i love all of your works and im so, so very very happy that im seeing more vmin from you!! <3

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    1. I am so sorry for all your stress! But I am glad that you were excited to see a new vmin fic! I promise the next one is going to be way lower key. I have a couple multichapters to work on before I will get to it, so it'll be a little bit before I write, but! There will be a fluffier vmin coming your way. (I mean the hurt will be strong, but the comfort will be the MOST COMFORTABLE COMFORT OF ALL TIME, and at least they will be mutually and evenly in love which is like NEVER the case for me lately)

      And yes, like Jimin knows that endgame? He wants to be married to Taehyung. But short term, that's so stressful. But I think he didn't say anything because he didn't quite, like... understand how he was feeling until he was feeling it.

      AND GIRL I ALMOST CANCELED THIS WEDDING, but then i couldn't do that to TaeTae.

      And I totally hear you. I picture Jimin being way more forthcoming now that he knows Taehyung isn't looking for anything? And Taehyung is actually... I don't want to say prude, but I do think he would be nervous for a long time about touching and kissing Jimin, so Jimin would totally take the lead.

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