Comment on Carapace

  1. I cannot believe you've received so few kudos. This story is adorable and well written. I love how you are slowly bending it out of shape just by introducing Kucho and allowing both Naruto and Sasuke to be a bit more receptive to belonging to a team/family. Kakashi is a better teacher and a less broken man than canon too. I've always suspected that the fractures in Naruto's team 7 reflected the fractures in Kakashi left by what happened to his team 7. While your characters are a bit OOC, you are keeping them consistent within your story. It's not farfetched to believe that Sasuke's need for something real, Naruto's need for belonging and acknowledgement would cause them to bond with Kucho and each other. There is a smidgen of Mary Sue in your team 7, but they really have not faced anything overwhelming yet (other than Kakashi, but he's been pulling his punches like crazy). I'm on chapter 12 (I think) and thoroughly enjoying the ride.

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