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  1. Hi! I absolutely LOVE this!
    Harry's characterization is spot on to me... It really makes me think of how the war and his famous status affected him.... I love how he made a business to help out muggles with magic-induced problems. I can totally see him doing that.
    I like his tense but obviously close friendship with Hermione. I was worried if they had some sort of falling out in the past, but then I realized it was Harry's paranoia and general stress at being taken care of.
    That said, I'm definitely worried about the missing memory... Can you see the memory of a person taking one out a memory and putting it in a Pensieve? I'm not up to date with my Harry Potter lore at all, so I don't know. I imagine the memory he lost was killing (?) the stalker.... That would have the worst affect on him :( But Harry Potter is traveling out of the country! Oh, wait, he was dressed as his alter ego when he did it. Either way, a connection would be made. Gah! Then his position as a teacher would be tentative!
    I'm very curious about a lot of things... I guess Harry got his curse while working as an auror; it might even be related to the violent incident/accident with Ron... I guess Harry isn't close with Ron these days? Hmm, we'll see.
    I liked Hagrid being a father :) Also, I'm very sad about his constant letters not going through! Argh! Harry's fondness for Teddy is so sweet. I laughed at George's swearing at Harry sending him a letter super early, and the product description of a Clap Trapper.
    Ooh, I love the legal work Hermione was able to do with wandless magical beings.
    The little scenes where Harry helps out Muggles are really nice, I do hope we get to see more even though he'll be teaching... I'm excited to see that too, actually. I'm excited for a lot of things! How will Harry respond to Draco next chapter, how Draco will treat the new teacher (will he remember their first meeting? Will it make him suspicious and treat him roughly at first? But, no, I feel like Draco would gradually warm up to him.... But would he realize it was Harry himself?! Ah, this is so exciting, honestly.)
    I feel like there's a ton of symbolization I can't even begin to unpack. The entirety of the dream... Harry happened to be looking at a piece called The Persistence of Memory.... memories will definitely be brought up again! I appreciate it a lot, I love getting all these scenes and trying to figure out what they all mean.
    Hmm, what else to say... I like Harry having a raven to deliver letters... how ominous! But, I still like it a lot.
    This story is honestly super great. I had a blast reading what's done so far. I will happily await the next chapter. Thank you for posting!

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    1. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! To me, the best part of reading a mystery is trying to search out all the clues and solve it along with the character (or before the character, if I'm feeling cheeky). I'm really pleased you're enjoying the story so far and I hope you'll keep searching for the answers!

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